GBS 12V 40Ah LiFeMnPO4 Lithium battery



  • 12V - 40Ah - 512Wh LiFeMnPO4 battery
  • Rated Capacity : 40Ah
  • Nominal Voltage : 12,8V 
  • Max. Charing Voltage : 14,4V
  • Max. Discharing Voltage 10,4V
  • Max. Charging Current : 1C, 40Ah
  • Constant Current : 3C, 120A
  • Impulse Current 2 sec. : 10C, 400A
  • Cycle life 90% DOD : 5000
  • Charging temperature : 0 ~ 45°C
  • Working Temperature : 0°C ~ 40°C
  • Power Density : 100Wh/kg
  • Weight : 6,0 kg±100g
  • Dimension : 205mm x 126mm x 180mm 

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GBS is a high-tech manufacturer specialized in development and manufacturing of LiFeMnPO4 batteries. GBS has a patented environmentally friendly solvent binder (which replaces "PVDF") and creates a scalable battery cell of unique design. GBS developed more than 10 batteries with individual cells ranging from 20 Ah to 400 Ah. They are the ideal energy sources for electric sailboat electric bikes, scooters, hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs), but also for stationary energy storage devices (photovoltaic panels).

The lithium battery 12V - 40Ah - GBS LiFeMnPO4 consists of four GBS cells of 3,2V 20Ah. This battery is mechanically pre-assembled with its robust aluminum compression brackets but electrically unconnected. Before use, the cells must be connected to each other via the supplied jumper and screws. For safe operation, it is essential to add a BMS type protection battery.



  • Energy density 10% higher by weight and volume than Winston batteries.
  • Performance of security super patented designs of security cards and pressure caps. Safer chemistry than NCM or LCO that minimizes the risk of explosion and fire when the batteries are short-circuited or punctured.
  • Robust connection thanks to the new electrode design using four rivets or four screws per terminal. This helps prevent loose connections.
  • Contact impedance between the terminal block and the jumper.
  • Improved cycle life.
  • The structure of the cell facilitates the mechanical assembly of the battery and the integration of the BMS management system and improves the circulation of the air flow.