Motenergy motor, ME1507 Brushless, Air-Cooled



Motenergy ME1616 PMSM motor, fully enclosed, air cooling, 48VDC-120VDC, 250Arms, 14,5kW

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Data sheet

Weight (kg) :21.4
MAX voltage (V) :100 V DC
Power (W) :13 kW
MAX power (W) :48 kW @ 600A
Speed (RPM) :3800
MAX speed (RPM) :8000
Torque (Nm) :32

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Air cooling version of Motenergy ME1616 motor.

Motenergy ME1507 electric motor
No brush maintenance, brushless
Fully enclosed / Waterproof
3-phases, double stators, Y-connected
Permanent Magnet Synchronus Motor
Motor efficiency of 92% at 80 VDC.
5 pairs pole motor (10 magnets).
Phase to Phase winding resistance is 0.027 Ohms.
Phase to Phase winding inductor is 0.1 mH.
Maximum recommended rotor speed is 8000 RPM (837,7 rad/s).
Controller input voltage 48 à 120 VDC.
Torque constant 0.20 Nm/Amp.
Armature Inertia 960 Kg/cm²
Rated power 13kW, peak 44kW (62hp).
rated current 160Arms
Maximum current 600Arms during 1min
Weight 21Kg
Maximum torque 120Nm.
Power supply cable 35mm², terminals 8mm eyelet lugs
Temperature sensor KTY84-130
Rotor sensor type Sin/Cos
Shaft 1-1/8"




Dimensions of the ME1507 PMSM brushless motor

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Performances plot of the ME1507 PMSM brushless motor

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Motor Parameters ME1507 PMSM Brushless

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