Motenergy motor, ME1616 Brushless, Water-Cooled



Motenergy ME1616 PMSM, fully enclosed, water cooling, 48VDC-120VDC, 250Arms, 14,5kW

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Liquid cooling version of Motenergy ME1507 motor.

Motenergy ME1616 electric motor
No brush maintenance, brushless
Fully enclosed
3-phases, double stators, Y-connected
Permanent Magnet Synchronus Motor
Motor efficiency of 92% at 80 VDC.
5 pairs pole motor (10 magnets).
Phase to Phase winding resistance is 0.027 Ohms.
Phase to Phase winding inductor is 0.1 mH.
Maximum recommended rotor speed is 8000 RPM (837,7 rad/s).
Controller input voltage 48 à 120 VDC.
Torque constant 0.20 Nm/Amp.
Armature Inertia 960 Kg/cm²
Rated power 14,5kW, peak 48kW (68hp).
rated current 160Arms (250A continuous is input controller)
Maximum current 650Arms during1 min (850A continuous is input controller)
Weight 21Kg
Maximum torque 130Nm.
Liquid coolingglycol 50% (fully enclosed).
Power supply cable 35mm², terminals 8mm eyelet lugs
Temperature sensor KTY84-130
Rotor sensor type Sin/Cos
Shaft 7/8"
Recommended water cooling 15l/min
Water cooling maximum pressure : 1.5 Bar
Hose diameter for liquide cooling : 19mm




Dimensions of the ME1616 PMSM synchronous brushless motor

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