Cellule Lithium Winston 3,2V 160Ah LiFeYPO4



Cellule Lithium Winston Battery 3.2V 160Ah LiFeYPO4

Remplacé par Cellule Lithium GBS 3,2V 160Ah LiFeMnPO4, ref : 327-006

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  • Nominal voltage of the cell is 3,2 V and the operational voltage is 2,5 - 3,8 V.
  • Recommended subsequent charging is to 3.8 V.
  • The minimum voltage is 2.5 V.
  • The cell is capable to provide short time discharge current up to 20C or 3C continously.
  • There is no Selfdischarging effect - can be recharged at any state of discharge (no memory effect).
  • High power lithium cell, original Winston Battery product with LiFePO4 (LiFeYPO4) technology.
  • Capacity: 160 Ah
  • Size: 278 x 182 x 71 mm
  • Weight: 5.8 kg




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